Zoot Fuzion Full Sleeve Wetsuit Men's

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Balance, Flexibilty and Speed make the Fuzion your secret weapon on race day.

¦Fabric: C39 SCS cell neoprene is the world’s most lightweightand low-density rubber, making the suit flexible, buoyant,and durable. Low density = maximum buoyancy = More SPEED;Yamamoto SCS finish is one of the most hydrodynamic wetsuitcoatings available, reducing the suit’s coefficient of friction in thewater to .032 (compared to traditional neoprene CoF of 4.0);3mm thigh and calf panels ensure advanced mobility and easy onand off for fast transitions; Tapered collar lined with SCSsmoothskin, features a new lower front to eliminate neckconstriction and minimize chafing; Updated cuff constructionseals out water and makes for easy on and off; 5mm torso/thighs,1.5mm sleeves and underarms, 3mm and 4mm legs.

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