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Updated and improved after extensive testing the new Wave Inspire 8 is now more Supportive and well cushioned. Now features Mizuno's Innovative Smoothride Flex Control for effortless transition.

The New Wave Inspire 8 features Mizuno's revolutionary New Midsole material
Lighter weight with increased cushioning durability. AP+ (Acceleration Polymer) only losses 20% of its cushioning after 600km
All Midsoles have a mileage as over time the material compresses. Mizuno's new AP+ Midsole takes longer to compress, therefore staying more cushioned for longer
In summary the AP+ Midsole provides a lighter more cushioned trainer for longer
Mizuno Wave technology offers cushioning at heel strike and perfect support to maintain correct foot biomechanics for the moderate over pronator
New Upper overlays provide fantastic fit and comfort
Mizuno research into Biomechanical differences in gender has resulted in the Wave Inspire 8 being perfectly set up for a each genders running Gait
Smoothride technology provides cushioned and responsive ride while Dynamotion fit provides the optimum heel fit
Mizuno use a supportive wave that starts low on the lateral (outside) of the trainer which gradually fans out and raises in height towards the medial (inside) side
The lateral side of the wave provides shock absorption at heel strike working with the VS1 to dissipate shock
As the foot rolls in it comes into contact with progressively more support keeping the foot in a neutral position
Mizuno wave is the only running technology that combines support and cushioning
The Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 proves that stability shoes can feel fast and fun!

SMOOTHRIDE FLEX CONTROL: Analysis of forefoot transition shows that for the smoothest, most efficient ride runners require shoes that flex easily at first and then become less flexible for an energy efficient toe off. To create a shoe with variable forefoot flex Mizuno has invented a control system which allows the shoe and the foot to flex easily at first and then restricts flexibility during the toe off phase. The result is an extremely smooth and energy efficient transition which means a more effortless and enjoyable ride.

AP+ MIDSOLE: With AP+, Mizuno has engineered a midsole polymer that provides fantastic cushioning mile after mile. Runners will actually see the benefit of AP+ in the increased durability of the midsoles, but more importantly, they will feel the benefit every time they take to the road. A high-tech formulation using multiple polymer types gives AP+ its exceptional performance in terms of cushioning durability, increased rebound and springy feel. Extensive testing has shown that even after 600km of running, the cushioning performance of AP+ stays close to its maximum. Other polymers lose a high proportion of their cushioning properties quite early in their lifetime. But AP+ retains 80% if its cushioning, even after 600km, keeping that fresh out of the box feel. Comfort is accentuated by the unique rebound properties of AP+ which gives it its springy feel. With every impact, AP+ recovers more quickly and more completely than standard midsole polymers giving the shoe a spring which makes for a fantastic ride.

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